Friday, September 18, 2009

Border Collie Heaven

This weekend is the event that I wait for all year.... more than an agility show, even! Once a year, Missouri Kansas Border Collie Rescue has a reunion for all the volunteers from this great organization, and of course, all the dogs that have been adopted through the years. We get to see the dogs that we once pulled from shelters or rescued alongside a road. Once abandoned and hopeless, we get to seem them with their loving families, healthy and happy-often almost unrecognizable from the way they were when we first met them. And if that were not enough, one of our volunteers donates the use of her farm and pond, so the dogs get to spend the day running, swimming, chasing balls and hanging out with one another. You would think that a field with 80 to 100 border collies would be chaos, and in some ways it is, but they all seem to get along and have a blast. We always try a group photo of only dogs, but few of them can sit or down/stay long enough for the humans to get out of the way... not with so much to do.

Maggie gets to visit with her foster family and they are always happy to see her. Jake flirts with all the girls and eats sheep poop (not always in that order). So you can see why we all look forward to this date. We'll back on Sunday... dirty, tired, and counting the day to next year.

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