Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dogs in Hats

I'm the kind of person that frowns on dog coats. Not the kind that are genuinely meant to keep a dog warm when needed... I understand that some breeds just cannot handle the cold. And the Old Duck (Mopsy) has coats for the winter... at 16, I don't want her spending any energy on keeping warm. I'm talking about fashion coats. Like their fur isn't pretty enough? Anyway, you would think that this dislike for coats would travel on to other parts of the dogs anatomy, but it doesn't. For some reason, I love love love putting hats, headbands, scarfs- you name it- on my dogs and taking their picture. Though I have to admit, it isn't really about making them look better... quite the contrary. It makes me giggle to see their silly faces-looking at me like I'm killing them. It reminds me of when my kids were little (especially Sarah) and I'd buy them a new outfit and they HATED it. But, I made the kids wear it anyway, and I don't want anyone saying I give preferential treatment to the dogs, so, bring your little furry heads out here... I have HATS!

Ree, especially hates hats. But unlike most dogs which immediately paw them off, Ree gets paralyzed. You can pose her in any way and she won't budge. Except for her eyes which roll at you.
The old duck won't wear a hat. Go ahead, give it a try. She'll rip your face off.

We gave the puppy a go at it. Maybe her future home will want her to wear a hat too, so might as well get her introduced to it.

See? equal opportunity. Love the kids as much as I love the dogs.
Dave! bring the dog over! I've got some great santa beards for you guys to try on!

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  1. They look so cute. Willie, also 16, would kill me - he would be right there with Mopsy!