Friday, November 19, 2010

Growing FAST!

She's only been with me one week, but Killian has changed a lot in that time. The first few days she was content to nap and lay on my lap. But now that she has found out that Reba will run from her, she is no longer willing to be a lap dog.

She seems to be getting faster everyday, and Ree manages to keep just out of reach of those sharp little teeth. Of course, Reba could easily outrun her, but it makes Killian happy to think she's catching up, so Reba plays along.

Next, Killian tries out her best sheep-herding moves on Ree... Sorry little girl, but Ree knows all about that and your best stalking poses have no effect on her... Poor Ree will let the pup catch her once in a while, but you can tell she doesn't really enjoy it. She will let Killian maul her for a while and even bite a little... but once those teeth sink into Ree's ear or leg, Ree gives her a quick reprimand and Killian is back to her best behavior... for a little while.
Killian is still available for adoption through While the posting says that we are no longer accepting applications, we would still be willing to consider a new applicant that wants a working or performance dog. Though it is hard to promise how she will be as an adult dog, she appears to have a lot of promise for someone that is looking for an agility or herding dog. She would probably even make a nice therapy or assistance dog. Anyway, if you are interested in her, hop on over and fill out an application.

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