Saturday, November 13, 2010

Evil, evil dog

This adorable little pup is Killian, and she is up for adoption from Missouri Kansas Border Collie Rescue, the same group the introduced me to Maggie and Jake. I am JUST FOSTERING. (wait, let me repeat that) I am JUST FOSTERING. But this evil little thing is wagging, and yipping, and yawning her way into my heart. The first day I had her, she mostly napped and looked sweet and innocent. By the end of the first day, she was racing around the back yard, wrestling with Ree, and even drug a big tennis shoe a couple feet before we noticed and traded for a toy. She is going to be very bold and tough. I have to stop the bigger dogs from playing rough with her, but she has never even whimpered... she gives it back to them as much as she can.

Anyway, please apply to adopt this little gal before it is too late and I have to keep her.

look for "Chrome" ...that is her real name, but for some reason, I call her Killian instead.

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