Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nothing about dogs...

At a family picnic this weekend, I asked my brother if he read my blog. "No" he said, "I don't want to read stuff about your dumb dogs." My immediate reaction was to stab him with my plastic fork, but instead, I thought about it and realized that I didn't really put much in my blog besides dog stuff. So, for today, I'm posting photos of my family from this past weekend.

At first glance, they look normal enough, but looks can be deceiving. This is my brother Jim, the one who is not interested in dog stuff. He is what you call an "intellectual."

This is my other brother, Gene. We were at his house in Jefferson County for his birthday. Which reminds me, did you know that the toothbrush was invented in Jefferson County? Otherwise, it would be known as a "teethbrush."

It was nice to see the cousin/kids again... we had not seen them in a few months. Thankfully, their dandruff and psoriasis seems to be better than it was then.

Any boy oh boy, those Crest Magic Whitestrips really seem to be doing a job on their teeth. Yessiree, it won't be long and those green teeth will be a thing of the past.

And cousin K was having a good time as usual. One of these days we'll have to tell her to take her shirt off before she puts her swimsuit on, but since her bikini top falls off pretty easily, we'll probably let her keep the shirt on for a while.

Well, that just about does it. Jim, I hope you are happy that I wrote about you and our family in my blog instead of my "stupid" dogs. You know, there is a lot more to talk about when I write about the family, in fact, I still have about 100 pictures just from this weekend. So who knows... maybe I'll post a few more of you...

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  1. Please no more pictures of family...I don't think I can take anymore.