Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A day to remember

Those of you that know me probably know that my mom is in her late 80s and suffering from short-term memory loss and dementia. She is currently living with my brother, but she is still physically able-bodied for a woman her age. So this weekend I had her over to play in the pool. It has been years since I've gotten her into a swimsuit, but she used to be a great swimmer, so I wasn't too concerned. As expected, instinct took over and she could still swim well. But more than that, we had fun laughing and goofing around in the pool, just like old times. I don't know if she will remember it, but for several hours, she acted like her old self. She and Sarah had "kicking contests" keeping the raft going straight instead of turning.

Of course, no pool party is complete without the addition of several dogs. (It is easy to see why we call Reba "the buttinski") I tried to get some more fun pool photos of her jumping in the water, but I just couldn't seem to get the timing right.

But after a few failed attempts, I managed to get this one of Ree and Sarah jumping together. But what is with that nose pinch? If Ree can jump in without pinching her big nose, you should be able to as well!

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