Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Nothing says spring like outdoor agility! Sure, you could do it in the winter, but we are fortunate to have an indoor facility to practice. So, when we go outside because we want to, that means that spring is here!The only thing missing from this photo is a cold beer....Lovely Miss Madison... isn't she a sweetheart?

Pole Wrecker. Good thing those poles bend or she'd break them for sure. (You can tell the sun was setting, because Addie looks brown instead of her ghosty grey. )

Maggie's happy to see her friends. Especially the ones that carry a pocket full of treats.

"Put me in coach!" Flash is ready for a little agility. For about 15 seconds, then he has to get back to his Jolly Ball.

Auggie was flying through the course at his normal speed... Mach4. Take a little time to feel the sunshine, buddy! And get that tongue in before you land.

Maggie's got to check out Carol's pockets again. Might as well take the jump while she's at it.

I wonder if Addie can get High Def when she turns those ears just right? That's a big girl to be jumping that high!

This is a funny jump... must have caught her off stride. But she can still manage it.

I'll post some more pictures soon. But for now, this is the end!

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